Friday, August 26, 2011

Have a safe weekend!

My thoughts are with you all this weekend.  Please be safe, and come back on Monday ready to discuss arguments!

I enjoyed listening to your "spiders" today.  Remember that, as writers, you want your reader to "see" only what you want them to "see."  Revision is a process of adding, subtracting, and moving around for clarity. 

If you missed class today, please make sure that you read the weekly syllabus and come to class prepared next week.  You can also do the revision exercise by clicking on the "show, don't tell" page under "course docs" on the Bb site.

Try working on your Google site in the next few days, too.  Don't forget about the tutorials under "Course info" and the written instructions on my Google site.  You can access that through the staff page on our Bb site.  Email me with any questions!

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